Painting Services

As professionals, Taylor Painting takes a number of steps to help your home or commercial property look great.We ensure that the surfaces we’re painting are prepared and ready for paint.¬† Additionally, we ensure the surrounding areas are covered so they remain free of paint. Finally, we provide you with quality paint & craftsmanship to achieve long lasting good looks.

Beautiful tan house with a large driveway


  • Masking to the floor
  • Covering floors with canvass tarps or rosin paper
  • Remove switch plate covers, hardware & mechanicals not to be painted
  • Fill nail holes
  • Caulking corners / baseboards as needed
  • Small dry wall repairs
  • Wallpaper Removal
  • Texture single walls and small spaces
  • Daily Clean Up
Beautiful living room with brown floors and white furniture


  • Pressure Wash
  • Scrape and prime chipping paint / Reset nails
  • Caulk gaps at doors / windows / siding – 50 year Caulking
  • Mask and cover or remove any hardware or fixtures on building
  • Mask all windows and / or items not to be painted
  • Cover / Mask all hardscaping / walkways¬† / plants
  • Paint Siding, Trim, Gutters & Doors (two coats)
  • Replace any hardware/fixtures removed
  • Remove all masking materials
  • Pressure Wash walkways etc. to remove any incidental overspray or paint drips
  • Daily Clean Up
Homes with different colors lined in a row


  • Clean and lightly sand all surfaces
  • Remove and number all doors & drawers
  • Mask and cover all areas surrounding cabinets
  • Prime all surfaces – Shellac Primer
  • Coat all cabinets, doors & drawers (2-3 coats)