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A fresh coat of paint is all it takes to transform a house into your home. Paint is personal; it accentuates the decor of your home while also expressing your own tastes. Add excitement to your home's interior with color. Taylor Painting can help you select the perfect colors.

A new coat of paint is also an easy way to increase your home’s visual appeal and property value. When our professionals repaint your bedrooms, kitchen, hallways and ceilings, a new dimension is added to your space.

At Taylor Painting, we perform extensive preparation to protect your furnishings and ensure the proper application. We use washable paints for a durable, long-lasting finish, ensuring your continued enjoyment of your home's "new look" for years to come. Below we have summarized our interior painting process. If you have questions or would like to schedule a free estimate please contact our office at 916-768-8487.

Many of the basic preparation steps are the same, no matter what surface is being painted. We remove as much of the furniture as possible. If some large items must remain, we move them to the center of the room.

Next, we put down drop cloths. For furniture, we use lightweight plastic; on floors, butyl-backed drop cloths are best. Paint has a way of finding its way to uncovered surfaces, no matter how careful you think you're being. It's better to be safe than sorry!

We ask that you remove pictures, clocks, and anything else you have hanging on your walls. You can leave nails where they are if you'll be putting everything back in the same place. Otherwise, remove the nails and we’ll fill the holes with Spackle. Nick-Nacks and such the like should also be removed. These tend to be valuable and breakable (eeeek!). It’s better to have the homeowner work with these items.

We want to make sure the surface is clean. Light soil can be removed with mild soap and a damp cloth. For heavily soiled or greasy areas, like some kitchens, we use tri-sodium phosphate to quickly remove dirt and residues. Next, we remove switch plate covers and fixtures. We like to put these all in the same place to ensure they aren’t misplaced.

If we are painting all surfaces, we paint the ceiling first. Generally, we like to use KM 1005 (Interior Flat) paint. This is an exceptionally flat paint and hides flaws in the contours of the ceiling (of which there are usually many!) While allowing this to dry, we paint the enamel areas. For this we like to use KM 1650 (interior semi-gloss). It gives solid protection and a long lasting finish. On surfaces that are subject to exceptional traffic or wear we prefer to use KM 1685, a high resin semi-gloss. This is preferred for mantels or pony wall caps. It allows for objects to be placed on its surface without sticking.

Finally, we get to painting the walls! Of course, this involves masking off the painted baseboards and doorjambs using 3M blue painters’ tape. This type of tape won’t stick to the freshly painted surface and leaves a clean crisp edge. We start out by using a paintbrush to “cut in” the corners and around the doors and such. Once this is done, it’s a simple matter of rolling out the walls. It’s best to use a ½ inch lambs wool roller nap. It spreads the paint smoothly without flicking paint onto the floors or the painters!

Lastly, we remove the masking, replace the furniture and hang the pictures. The only thing left to do, is stand back and admire the new walls!

If you have questions or we can assist you in any way, please contact Taylor Painting at 916-768-8487 or for your convenience, you may contact us from this site.